Dustin started when he was 6 while playing the piano, but changed at the age of 12 to drums. From there it wnt to synthesizers and sequencers. At the age of 17 he had his first Lp with the band "Will Of The Wisp“ - Do What Thou Wilt on Archangel Rec (a mix of The cure, sisters). 


Thomas was trying himself on Bass guitar at the age of 14. However with the upcoming Techno movement in Germany, Turntables became much more interesting. From there it went into buying the first Synthies at the age of 21.


Thomas and Dustin meet end of 2000 by accident under strange circumstances in a friends place. Both looking for something, which was missing, in their previous musical engagements, they found that they could fill the gaps. One was having the missing musical background and the other being a tech wizard with some years of deck experience, they started of finding the synergies and played the first tracks live a few weeks later.


After this they had to relocate the studio as they wanted more, things began to grow and two projects where born. Asarualim and Herbal Essence where born taking on a third member. Both projects became fairly successful but unfortunately where doomed due to the fact that people worked against each other.


The Project broke up and we lost contact. 


Today Dustin & Thomas are back together as ASARUALIM & COLDFUSION and bridge a distance gap from Germany to Thailand via the internet. They rarely have the chance to meet, they compose, produce and communicate mostly via the net. Currently there is a plan to build up a new Studio in Germany.


Beside this they have founded their own label BAM Records.

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