Psychedelic DJ & Artist from Black Forest, Freiburg in southern Germany. 

Mostly he play powerfull and deep Psy-Trance for the twilight hours.

These journeys taking you into a big mystery and releasing extraordinary energies from infinite space.


But also other different styles, like Progressive-Psy, glitchy PsyDub, Dubstep, Downbeat and Ambient-Chill-Out, are equally important for him to play out.


Basically "Bartolomäus Kalka"

born in Poland on the 9. oktober 1985 

and moved one year later to the Black Forest. Now he`s living in

Freiburg (Southern Germany).


As far as he can remember, he always was fascinated by music and the magic of sounds and rhythms his whole life long. He was 6 years old, when he started to play the violine. 

Many different styles, like Blues,Jazz, Psy&Progressive-Rock and Classic Music, shown by his father, were the main-influence in his childhood and basement for musical ripening process.


Then with 18, he visited his first Psychedelic Party, and was immediately infected by the unbeliveable possibilities of sound-modulation-creation-quality & Energies ;) It was a very deep spiritual experience.

touched by the love and creativity and energy there, he finally found his family.


His brothers and sisters.


Short time later he started dj-ing at home. Now he play most of his DJ-set´s on various psy-events in germany & europe!

Since 2014 he became a member of B.A.M-Records! binary audio machinery records, a german psytrance label.


Nedox and friends, are also organizing psychedelic gatherings in the southern black forest. Known as "Reunited Tribes".

Connecting people with peace, love, respect & tolerance, in harmony with nature. Creating plattforms and space for psychedelic music & art.

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