Psy Schilly

Psy Schilly's sound is not a standard full on.

He has the perfect balance between harmonic melodies, vocals and biomechanical sounds. The direct and strong full on basslines leave little room for breaks and breakbeats before the bassline hits Dirty again. The optimal mix of UK Psychedelic, Harmonic and Night Full On form a perfect symbiosis. The set's of Psy Schilly tell a story and take the dancers on a psychedelic rice of a very special kind.

Since I am eleven years old I think that the electronic music genre is the best. I was inspired by my cousin to play music.

2004, I was at my first Goa party.

At the age of 18, I played at the first party, this was also the name Psy Schilly.

My first big performens was on New Year's Eve 08/09 in Mainz.

In 2009, I signed my label contract with `` Trance Force Rec.''. I performed gig's in Cologne, Mainz, Wiesbaden and Frankfurt.

2010 I got to know Psylocin. Since we were the same age and we understood each other really good from the beginning, we decided to start a ping pong project together in 2011.

Psy Schilly Vs. Psylocin the “Cosmic Loony Lones” were born.

Also in 2011, we founded “ Laws Of Nature” a Platform for Psy music DJs.

In 2015 I was involved in the project "Bionic Vision", that project unites all big organizers and DJ's

from Hesse.

In 2016, I became a member of

2017 was the most successful year so far for me. I performed on the ''Dreamscape'' with KRAMA in Offenbach (MTW), in Kassel (ARM Club). In Marburg (Till Dawn / Night Salon) with Daksinamurti, Lebendige Menschen, Kularis, Antagon. In Wetzlar (Technodisco) with Neelix, Atacama, Boom Shankar. In Leipzig (Institute for Future) with Astrix. In the same year I performed at my first international Festival "A place to be" in Portugal.

2018 I performed on many big Party ́s. ''Magic Castle Festival'' (Leipzig) with Ace Ventura, Fungus Funk and many more. Gaggalacka Tour Party ''Babbalacka2'' (Marburg) with Miss Verständniss and Annorax. At ''Dreamscape Open Air'' (Frankfurt) with Shiva Shandra.

In 2018 I was once again on the ''A Place to be Festival'' in Portugal.

2019 I performed on ''Metamorphose 4'' (Till Dawn/Marburg)with Djne Kiba.

At''DreamInto Forest''Chaishop/Sangoma Label Party(e-feld /Cologne) with Astronom and Eritas. In Fulda at ''Twisted Reality'' (KUZ Club) with Daksinamurti, Aronnax and Hotzenplotz.

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