The first intention of the „Sündenböck & Maddizin“- project arised in 2012, when two friends decided to create electronic music together.


In the beginning they shared a passion for Techno- and Minimalmusic but after a while they developed a preference for the details and the spirit of psychedelic music and the community around it.


So they started to produce psy tunes and also created their own decoration to build up a party-series named „New Circle Modus“. During the years they gathered experiences and inspiration while joining and organizing lots of out- and indoor events what defined their musical attitude.


They collected a setup that consists of Synthesisers, Mixers, Effects and a Laptop to explore the possibilities of combining both digital and analogue qualities. Until now their sound is pointing towards a Tech-trance/Zenonesque direction to complect the borders of Techno and Psy. 

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