Shiva Space Technology

Shiva Space Technology:


A synonym for Psytrance – at least for those who have been in the scene a little longer.


After 8 years of silence the legendary label is now back on track.

Infected Mushroom, Yahel, Sesto Sento, Lemurians… those are just some of the most popular artists that have been released on SST in the late 90s and early 2000s, when there still was an actual ‘Goa Trance’ genre.

After 11 years of strong activity the extensive release catalogue of SST ended in 2006 with Daksinamurti’s compilation ‘Spiritually Spaced Out’. Today, 8 years later, label founder Shiva


Jörg and his companion Andy announced a revival of the legendary Psytrance label. “We wanted to bring back SST for some time, but first we had to find the right partner for this project who could do the administration and back office, someone to built a long-term synergy” Andy explains.


Eventually they found this partner: BAM/FAM Records, run by Dustin, Jan and Thomas who are already long-year cooperation partners.

“When Joerg released Raumtechnick on BAM we came up with the plan to finally revive SST, we bounced back and fourth some ideas, and here we go:

The first release on SST since 8 years is ready for take-off! It’s gonna be a big surprise…”


The release policy of SST takes up the original idea of the label and strives to take it to the next level, as a message on Facebook proclaimed: “SST will focus on the same segment it did in the past, developing new talents and reuniting with some of the old artists.


We will not start doing some sort of old stuff made new and remix the old back catalogue just for nostalgic reasons, some things better be untouched.” Sounds very promising – and clearly reflects the genuine spirit of Shiva Space Technology!


(Mushroom Magazine 18.04.2014)

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