Two Faces


Man creates around him what he considers the ideal. But idealism is much more than unreal, the unreality of thoughts leads us to worlds of unlimited scope.

Diego and Diego Costa are twin brothers that make up the psychedelic trance project TWO FACES.

The two had their first contacts with the music at 10 years of age listening to Rock, which prompted them to learn drumming.


At the age of 13 they made their first experience with electronic Music. At this time it was Dance Music like Techno and Euro which enchanted the duo. Psytrance came after 16 when the brothers visited the Brazilian Open Air festivals.


From there the interest in DJ just grew and with the help of some artists they had among their friends they began to mix their first sets. The interest for music production came naturally. The duo started using FL Studio, Cubase and then came a thorough course with Dj and producer Pedrão (UP). 


With a Full On Groove and Hi-Tech Elements, the Two Faces is becoming one of the great promises in international Psytrance.

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